DAX Custom Products

Customize your product with a variety of scents and colors!

Base Product Wave & Groom Wave & Groom Short & Neat Short & Neat Neat Waves Neat Waves Hair Wax Hair Wax High & Tight: Awesome Hold High & Tight: Awesome Hold High & Tight: Awesome Shine High & Tight: Awesome Shine Pomade Pomade Super Light Pomade Super Light Pomade Beeswax Beeswax
Custom Color REQ
Select Black (Black Beeswax) Brilliant Green (Pomade) Deep Blue (Kocatah) Light Blue (Super Light Pomade) Purple (Dark Blue #1544) Red (Marcel) Yellow (Hair Food)
Custom Fragrance REQ
Select Bay Rum (Addicted to Pomade) Cherry Almond Coconut Scent Floral Vanilla Bourbon Scent High Tight Scent Marcel Scent Pina Colada Pomade Scent Unscented Vanilla Wave & Groom Scent
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SKU: Dax Hybrid

Please Note:

  • Wave Groom and High Tight Awesome Hold are amber base and choosing a light blue shade will not give the product a light blue color.
  • Added colors used in DAX Custom Products may stain clothes, pillow cases, and bed sheets. Use styling products with caution around delicate materials.

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  • This wax is awesome. I always get compliments on the shine and the way it holds. I love Dax Wave and Groom and I’ve been using it as long as I can remember. I’ve spent a lot of money looking for the perfect bottle and I’ve finally found it.

  • Dax Pomade is the best hair oil in the world. My mom used this oil in my hair for as far back as I can remember and now I use it regularly. It moisturizes your hair and prevents dandruff and a dry scalp. It can last for days and also aids in the growth of your hair. I totally recommend this oil.

  • Here is an underrated pomade. The hold is on the medium-to-heavy side with a nice fresh scent and medium shine. The pomade washes out easier than other traditional oil-based products. If for some reason Dax is not on the radar of pomade heads, it should be. Can’t go wrong with DAX.