DAX For Naturals

For over 60 years, DAX has striven to help both men and women replicate popular, mainstream hairstyles. In doing so, we’ve sought out the best ingredients to keep our customers satisfied, so their hair may have a healthy texture and appearance. We designed our new DAX For Naturals line specifically for women seeking to embrace their natural hair! Conditioning mango, kokum, and shea butters keep your natural tress moisturized while our use of broccoli seed oil, a natural alternative to silicone, gives your hair with the perfect hold. DAX For Naturals provides its customers with one-of-a-kind products that aim to protect, condition, define, and restore hair’s natural state.

Currently, our DAX For Naturals line includes a: Protein Treatment, Styling Pomade, Curling Cream, and a Combing Cream.